Church Music Management Program

CMMP is a web based application designed to help church musicians and others manage the musical content of their services. Hymns, music and service records are held in an online database which can be accessed and updated by your clergy, music directors and others involved in worship planning.

CMMP maintains a record of the services, including the hymns, music and other items used. It can be used to produce lists of hymns for an individual service or set of services either as a historic record or for information on future services.

As it is an online resource, clergy, musicians and others have access to the most up to date information on their desktop, tablet or mobile device.

CMMP Summary of Features

CMMP has a comprehensive list of features designed to help you manage the use of hymns and music in your church.

Service Listings

A list of recent and future planned services with links to view the detail. Users who are logged in to the system can choose the range of services to view as well as selecting the sort order. An additional screen gives access to the Lectionary provision. This includes links to both the biblical text and supporting notes or commentary. Printing of either a selection of services or an individual one is also available. Subject to individual account privileges, the user may add, edit or delete services.

Service listings may include hymns and tunes, music items, bible readings and free-format text entries.


The database holds a list of the hymns in your chosen book. Any number of books can be loaded on to the system with one being designated the principal book. Each hymn record holds the number, first line, meter, tune selection, scripture references, thematic, service positioning and and author information. Full editing facilities enable you to customise each entry to your requirements.

The search tool enables searching by hymn number, first line or scriptural reference. Search results show basic information and detailed views give full details and usage history.

A 'Use Analysis' tool enables worship planners to identifiy those items which may be over-used or which could be re-used.

A 'Clipboard' tool enables plannng teams to pool their ideas for upcoming services.

CMMP supports most of the books in common use and the data available is continually being added to and improved.


The database may hold details of the organ voluntaries used, along with book references, timings and styleistic information to assist service planning. Music items can be searched for by composer, title, style or use.

Other Items

Other service items such as songs not in the main hymnbook, psalms, cantices and choir anthems can easly be included either as free format text or as a database entry - enabling full usage history etc.,


The set readings from the Common Worship lectionary are included and can be added to service records as required. A ‘Reading Notes’ facility gives access to short abstracts and links to commentary and the biblical text.

Other readings can be used a required.

Other Service information

The avalable service types, times and liturgical days are fully configurable and the standard lists can be added to and modified as required. Free format text entries can be added to service listings to cover items not included in the main database.

How to get CMMP for your church

CMMP is available as a fully hosted service, running on our private server. You will have your own copy of the application and database which is kept fully up to date with software updates released during the subscription period. All your data is kept backed up so you need not worry about disasters. A full support service is provided.

Please contact us to get started and arrange the setup of your account.


CMMP is provided on a subscription basis, renewable annually.

The first years subscription, which includes installation and setup is £150.

At current rates, subsequent years will be £90.


Legal Notice

This software has been developed by and is the copyright of Custom Internet Limited, who retain the sole design rights.