Your Questions Answered

How do I buy music from you?

Music may be purchased through this website. Click the buttons above to view the items available.

We are also able to accept orders via post or email. On order acceptance, we will issue an invoice along with payment instructions and ship the goods required once payment is received.

Print or Digital?

Music is available in two different formats.

How do I pay for my order?

All website orders must be paid for using any standard credit or debit card. We use PayPal to collect and process your payment.

Payment for other orders may be by cheque, PayPal or bank transfer. details will be provided on your invoice.

Please note that your bank, PayPal or credit card statements may show 'Custom Internet' as the payee.

Do I have to have a PayPal account?

No - though you will be offered the chance to create one if you wish.

Is my payment secure?

Yes - PayPal operates in full compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. We do not have any access to your card details at any time.

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When will my order be delivered?

All printed material is produced 'in-house' to order. In normal circumstances we expect to be able to ship your order within 10 working days of receiving your payment. However please allow 28 days for delivery.

Digital delivery items are sent by email. Please ensure that you email system can receive messages from 'Alder Music'. We will send your items as soon as possible once your payment is cleared.

Please let us know if your order is required for a specific date and we will do our best to get it to you in time.

Can I have my order delivered somewhere else?

In order to protect both our customers and ourselves against fraud, we can only deliver to the cardholder's registered address (the one to which your statements are sent). In the event that the addresses you provide to us and PayPay differ, we will deliver to the adress shown against your PayPal transaction.

Still need help?

If you have any further questions, please email us - see the 'Contact' page for more information.